Updated 01/13/2011  

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Dear OMS Families,

Happy New Year! And welcome back to school. We’re so thankful for all the great stuff that’s been happening at school so far this year and can’t wait for a great second half.

On that note, one quick message: If you’ve been hoping to help or looking to get more involved in any way, please email or call or talk to any of our PTSO volunteers or leaders. We’d love any help you can provide. We know that time and schedules can be a challenge, but if you’re interested, we’d love to find a way to help you make it work.

If you’ve volunteered to help in the past and not been taken up on it, please know that it was an oversight or a result of us being busy. It was definitely not us wanting all the volunteering for ourselves (seriously!). Being open to everyone and helping connect with and serve all parents is a key goal of our group.

Again, Happy New Year to all. Here’s hoping our kids and our whole school community have a great 2011.

OMS-PTSO Executive Committee