Updated 08/30/2015 

OMS PTSO Committees are looking for you!

To join any of these committees or express an interest in being a part of the OMS PTSO in any way please contact Susan Foley (PTSO President) at susan_foley@verizon.net

Agenda Setup
This committee is responsible for: arranging and collating the agendas for all 3 grades for the beginning of school. This is generally done around the middle of August. Agendas are an essential tool used by each student. Volunteers are needed to count them out by grade/room and insert any PTSO or administrative letters or forms. Times are flexible and up to the committee.


Hospitality Committee
Responsible for providing refreshments to the many events the PTSO and OMS organize throughout the year.


help wanted

Dance Committee
Responsible for dances sponsored by the PTSO. The committee assists in set-up the afternoon of the dance, chaperoning, soliciting donations of food and prizes and selling tickets for the dance.There are generally 2 dances per year separated by grade (6th alone and 7th & 8th together).


Tatiana Diaz

Enrichment Committee
Responsible for organizing enrichment activities for the students during the year. Generally one activity is presented to each grade, each year. All final decisions about activities are authorized by the OMS administration and the full PTSO. Activites int he past have included: a day related to Egyptian artifacts for 6th grade and a day learning about the Civil War time period through artifacts and recreation for the 8th grade.


help wanted

Copying/ Volunteer Committee
Responsible for: assisting teachers and/or the office staff with copying papers, collating work, etc. Volunteer times are during the day with multiple shifts available to cheese from according to your own schedule.


help wanted

Staff Appreciation Week Committee
Responsible for organizing and carrying out activites for the OMS staff. Staff appreciation week is int he spring.


help wanted

Fundraising Committee
Responsible for setting up, monitoring orders and distribution for our very successful fundraisers. Volunteer as much or as little as you can.

help wanted

Holiday Shopping Committee
Responsible for organizing, decorating and staffing this exciting fundraising event. This occasion highlights retail sales tables, food, raffles and much more for the enjoyment of the OMS parents. The Day of Holiday Shopping is scheduled in early December.

help wanted

Box Tops for Education
This committee is responsible for collecting, organizing and submitting the box tops for education to receive cash for the PTSO. At times the committee may decide to organize contests to increase  participation within the student body.


Dawn McSweeney